How to lay a parquet floor in a bathroom?

Laying a parquet floor in a bathroom can bring a warm elegance to your room, but it’s crucial to take specific precautions to ensure the durability of the flooring in an environment that’s often exposed to moisture. Here are a few steps to follow when laying a parquet floor in a bathroom:

Gluying advises

Full gluing: directly on the support with Navycol PS. Navylam+ is compatible with a low temperature and reversible underfloor heating.
With an adhesive underlayer ISO dB: ISO dB is a system two in one, insuring at once the fixation of the parquet on the screed and acting as underlayer of sound insulation. No need to wait for the drying of the glue, ISO dB unde layer is ready-to-use and sticks immediately for a fast implementation of surfaces.


  1. Before gluing, we recommend you, to lay different strips of parquet on the floor to harmonize colours and prepare your sections. After that, draw a line on the floor to delimit the surface to glue.
  2. Begin the laying of your bathroom parquet flooring and do not forget to leave a gap of 5 mm minimum all around your room to do the expansion joint.
  3. For the first line, the groove is on the wall side and the tongue facing you. You can stick the tongue and groove with the Navycol+ in the width and lengths. If the glue overflows on the wood flooring, clean it immediately.
  4. Continue to lay with the same process.
  5. The next step is the installation of the expansion joint.
  6. Before beginning, protect your parquet flooring by sticking an adhesive all around your room.
  7. Apply the Navyjoint and spread it with a spatula. Remove the adhesive and let dry.
  8. The installation is now completed and one coat of maintenance Oil N+ can be applied.


Bathroom parquet floor easier to lay

Navylam+ is an unique system easier and faster for laying bathroom parquet floor. Strips are already pre-oiled and with a double integrated joint. No sanding,
oiling and joint laying. You just have to put some glue in the groove provided for and join strips. So, your parquet floor is finished and completely watertight.

Pour aller plus loin

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