Laying solid or engineered parquet

Even though parquet is one of the easiest floor coverings to lay, there are a number of steps to follow to ensure perfect installation.

Preparing the subfloor, preparing the parquet, recommendations depending on the type of installation (glued-down, floating, nailed-down), rules to follow during installation and afterwards, are all elements to be taken into account. Discover our recommendations in our installation advice sheet, and don’t hesitate to ask your retailer for advice!

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Download the file

Before laying parquet

The support must be :

  • FLAT: Flatness of 2 mm under a rule of 2 m
  • DRY: Surface humidity < 3% checked with a certified device
  • ADHERENT: for a glue parquet laying

The control of the surface

The control of the surface must be realized with a carbide bomb (this test, in most cases is done by the screed layer)

A barrier against moisture

Polyane plastic film against rising dampness is compulsory for a floating laying, so as to avoid recuperation on the surface.
GLUED LAYING: we recommend to use the ISO ALU dB, a guarantee for a surface with a dampness rate between 3% and 10%.

Clean support

The surface must be flat, dry, rigid and clean

The slab is porous

If the slab is porous, apply a Primary P100.


  • For low temperature underfloor heating: the moisture must be < 2%
  • For anhydre screed: the moisture must be < 0.5 %.

The storage

The parquet must be stored in a dry and heated room.
Moreover, the room must be heated, the temperature should be 15°C minimum.
The ambient air humidity is between 40 % and 60% (see the attached table of the hygroscopic curves of the wood)

Parquet :

  • laying an unfinished parquet and leave it to climatize on site 7 days before laying (stacked and package opened).
  • for a finished parquet (varnished or oiled), packs must be opened at the time of installation.

Preparation of the parquet

During startup, open several packages so as to lay harmoniously all the strips of parquet

During the installation of the parquet

You must respect the following rules :
• Around the room, the expansion space should be minimum of 8 mm for a floating laying and between 5 and 8mm for the glued installation.
• If the room is wider than 8 meter, you will need a fractionate joint of 15 mm minimal. The wide strips parquet 110/130 mm and 140/180 x22 mm require larger expansion space.
The same principle for the widths of pieces > 5 meters, it is advised to lay using wedges of 0.3 mm every 2 or 3 strips to allow an easier expansion of the floor. Do not tighten the strips too much.

When the installation is concluded

You must respect the following rules :
• Unfinished parquet : To wait 3 or 4 days minimum for the climatization of the wood. Then do the sanding and the selected finish
• Varnished parquet: after 48 hours, you can use the room. We guarantee all our floors if the maintenance recommendations are respected. (see the chapter maintenance or your dealer). If you lay the parquet without respecting the recommandations mentioned, we can not guarantee the parquet anymore.

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