How do you remove scratches from your parquet floor? Our tips.
Your floor has a few scratches, but you don’t know how to get rid of them? Design Parquet has some tips on how to remove these scratches.

1: How to avoid scratches?
First of all, to avoid having to erase any scratches, you need to know some tips to avoid creating them… We advise you to put a brush mat at the entrance to limit the number of gravels that could scratch your floor. Also, think of putting protective pads under your furniture and chairs. This will greatly limit the risk of scratches in your rooms. If you have furniture on wheels, protect your floor with a rigid carpet for example.

2: Maintenance is essential
Maintaining your floor with the right products is essential. This will protect your floor from scratches. Read our articles on floor maintenance to find out more.

3: Remove a shallow scratch
If even with all this, your floor still has a few scratches, don’t worry. For a shallow scratch you can use a walnut. Rubbing a walnut on the scratch will apparently soften the scratch.

4: Erasing a deep scratch
To remove a deep scratch, you need to use R+ Renovator for a varnished floor and H+ Maintenance Oil for an oiled floor. This will repair the wood or the wood protection. If the scratch is really deep you can use wood paste, but you may have to sand your floor afterwards.

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