How to choose the colour of your parquet floor? Light or dark?
Choosing the colour of your new parquet floor is no easy task. With so many choices and references, you can quickly become indecisive. Is it better to have a light or dark colour for your interior? Design Parquet helps us to answer this question in order to better define our choice.

Light parquet: brightness and originality
White, beige or grey, light colours are in fashion. Light-coloured floors have a bright future ahead of them, thanks in particular to the Scandinavian parquet trend. But what are the advantages of a light-coloured floor?

First of all, it brings brightness to our interior. Light changes the entire look of a room and enhances our spaces and decoration. A light-coloured floor also gives it a Zen atmosphere. Beware, however, that stains will be more visible on a light floor than on a dark floor.

A light-coloured floor will also enhance your coloured decorative elements. Ideal if you want to highlight a piece of furniture or a kitchen for example.


Dark parquet: character and tradition
Dark parquet represents tradition, authenticity and strengthens the character of your entire room. It will focus the eye and will become the essential element of your interior. Choosing a dark parquet floor is a choice of character, as dark parquet brings a soul and a history to your rooms.

If you want to surprise your guests, you can play with modern, white decorative elements that will be beautifully embellished by your dark parquet.

What atmosphere do you want to give your room?
This is the question to ask yourself. What atmosphere do you want to give to your interior: calm, bright and original with a light parquet floor, or authentic and classic with a dark parquet floor?

Let us guide you through the many parquet floors manufactured by Design Parquet.


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