Choose a Chevron parquet floor: what you need to know

Characteristic of the Haussmann style and once found in mansions, châteaux and prestigious flats, Chevron parquet is synonymous with elegance and refinement. The authenticity of Chevron parquet will add charm to your interior.

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What is Chevron parquet?

The rectangular wooden strips are identical in length and positioned against each other at an angle varying from 38° to 55°. This type of parquet is usually made from oak, but other types of wood can also be used

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What colour to choose for chevron parquet?

The colour of the parquet depends on the style you want.

  • White parquet: for a luminous, timeless effect
  • Brown parquet: to give character and authenticity to your space
  • Grey parquet: for contrasting decorations, to create an attractive environment
  • Natural parquet: for a rustic floor with the elegance of an old-fashioned parquet floor

What type of wood species should I choose for a Chevron parquet floor?

Chevron parquet is usually made from oak, because of its durability and natural beauty. Exotic wood species can also be used, such as Doussié, Ipé, Jatoba, Teak, Merbau, Walnut and Wengé. It’s important to choose a wood species that suits your personal preferences, intended use and technical properties. Need advice on choosing the right wood species for your Chevron parquet? Contact our experts.

How does a Chevron parquet floor look?

  • Unfinished: The parquet floor is not oiled, stained or varnished.
  • Brushed finish: The brushed finish makes the surface slightly irregular to the touch and enhances the texture of the wood.
  • Smoke finish: The smoke-oiled finish gives the wood a darker, slightly blackened hue and an distressed appearance.
  • Tinted finish: The tinted finish allows you to change the colour of the floor while leaving the knots visible.

What type of finish for Chevron parquet?

There are 3 types of finish for your Chevron parquet: unfinished, oiled or varnished.


With a unfinished finish, the parquet is not oiled, stained or varnished; the finish is applied on site. 

Varnished finish

A varnished finish is particularly resistant to scratches, stains and oxidation, and can be finished in a variety of ways: matt, colourless or satin, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Varnished parquet is also easy to maintain: a hoover and a slightly damp mop are all you need to clean it.

Oiled finish

An oiled finish gives the floor a more natural look and lets the wood breathe. An oiled finish has the advantage of being easy to repair (in the event of a stain, for example). It is necessary to apply a coat of oil once or twice a year to revive its matt or satin finish and keep the floor protected.

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How should solid Chevron parquet be laid?

Read all our advice on laying Chevron parquet in a dedicated article. As it requires specialised skills, it is generally laid by professionals in order to calculate the right quantity of parquet and lay it flawlessly.

Glued-down installation

Glued-down parquet enables the boards to be fixed in place, preventing them from expanding and contracting. Gluing down a parquet floor improves acoustic comfort, so that each step does not sound hollow.

Floating installation

The boards are glued together using a tongue and groove system, on a suitable resilient underlay that provides sound and heat insulation.

Nail-down installation

Parquet is nailed to joists, which are themselves fixed to the floor. The first step is to build the structure, then lay the parquet.

How much does a Chevron parquet floor cost?

The type of wood and the surface area are the main parameters that influence the cost of your project. However, other factors also need to be taken into account in order to get an accurate estimate:

  • The type of parquet: solid, semi-solid or engineered 
  • The width of the parquet: between 70 and 145 millimetres wide 
  • The thickness of the parquet: between 10 and 23 millimetres thick Colour: white, brown, grey, natural 
  • Finish: oiled or varnished 
  • Appearance: brushed, rough, smoked, stained 

Do you have a parquet installation project in mind? Ask for a free quote! The Design Parquet experts will get back to you quickly with a price estimate and advice on how to create your Chevron parquet floor. 


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