Maintenance products for cleaning a parquet floor

Design Parquet offers a range of maintenance products specially designed for varnished and oiled wood floors. Our selection includes gentle cleaners that effectively remove dirt, stains and residues, while preserving the integrity of the wood finish. In addition, we offer soaps specially formulated for oiled wood floors, ensuring thorough cleaning while preserving the natural beauty of the wood. Our products are carefully selected to ensure the durability of your floors while keeping them spotless, reflecting our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of wood.

Maintenance products for parquet :

1 Rénovator matt (R+) 50 m² 1 L To apply a news product a later at least once a year
2 Cleaner 250 à 500 m² 1 L Regular maintenance
3 Over Actived cleaner 250 à 500 m² 1 L To remove metallizing and to clean varnished parquet
Natura Oil
8 Oil (N+) 35 m² 1 L For Natura Oil (To apply with microfiber mop)
9 Nettoyant intensif huilé 250 à 500 m² 1 L Removes dirt and difficult stains, also eliminates the old layers of oil.
10 Natura Soap (S+) 500 m² 1 L Nourishes and cleans the oiled and parquet (Natura and colourless)
Authentic Oil
5 Design Protect One (DPO+) 50 m² 0,5 L Protection of Oiled Authentic floors. (to apply with microfiber mop)
6 Soap+ 500 m² 1 L Soap cleaning for oiled parquet
7 Repair Kit – Authentic Oil 5 m² For scratches (white and grey range)
(reactor + cotton white)
Colourless Oil
11 Maintenance Oil (H+) 40 m² 1 L Protection of colourless oiled floors


Finishes and products concerned :

Floor maintenance products must be adapted to the floor finish (oiled or varnished). It is essential to choose cleaning and maintenance products that are compatible with the finish. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the durability and beauty of your floor. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your floor looking good while protecting it from potential damage.

Finishing Product Concerned Daily Cleaning Regular Maintenance For Protection (and after laying)
Varnish Matt, Colourless, Satin, ROC, Cotton, City, Camaret, Vendôme, Opéra, Village, Hossegor, Dolomites, Bora Bora, Cognac, Carbone, Cacao, Luberon, Pure, Sésame, Cumin, Haussmann, Expresso, Exotic, Satin Varnish, Mas, Cristal, Bastille, Rivoli, Lodge, Chausey. Cleaner (L+) Renovator Matt (R+)
Natura Oil Pure, Sésame, Dune, Cumin, Expresso, Exotiques, huilés, Ozark, Apennines, Balkan, Crozon, Expresso huilé, Opium, Iris, Guernesey, Jasmin, Grange, Charlottenburg, Chalet, Audierne, Navylam+, Tobacco, Antico Legno. Natural Soap (S+) Oil (N+)
Authentic Oil Galet SOAP+ Design Protect One (DPO+)
Colourless Oil Arzon, Havane, Biarritz, Andes, Houat. Natural Soap (S+) Oil (H+)

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