How to Maintain a Varnished Floor

Caring for a varnished floor is essential to maintain its beauty and durability over time. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a varnished floor effectively.

Why and how should I maintain my varnished parquet?

A varnish finish on solid parquet or semi-solid parquet is above all a protective finish for the wood. As well as looking good, the main role of one or more coats of varnish is to protect your floor by creating an impermeable film. This will prevent stains and scratches leaving deep marks on the wood. However, it is important to maintain the varnish on your floor so that you can enjoy its aesthetic appeal for as long as possible.

Recommendations for using a varnished parquet floor

  • Use a brush mat at the entrance to retain as much sand and gravel as possible.
  • Place protective pads (felt) under the legs of chairs and furniture.
  • If you use furniture with castors, protect the floor with a mat or translucent sheet.
  • Be careful, whatever the hardness of the wood and the finish of your floor, there may be a risk of sinking and punching. (as in the case of stiletto heels)
  • Quickly wipe up any liquid spilled on the floor.

Recommendations for maintaining a varnished parquet floor

After laying a varnished floor

Parquet is protected by a factory-applied varnish finish. To ensure a bond between the floorboards and protect the edges of the floor, it is essential to apply 2 coats of Protector R+ to a clean floor after installation (for a satin-finish varnished floor, choose Protector R+). These products should be applied undiluted using a microfibre cloth (follow instructions for use).

Regular maintenance of varnished parquet

Regular maintenance requires very little effort, just a simple cleaning with our Cleaner L+.

Regular maintenance of a varnished floor

Regular maintenance, to be carried out once or twice a year, to prolong the protection of your floor. We recommend R+ Renovator for a result that complies with our recommendations. R+ Renovator must be applied regularly (depending on traffic and use of the floor) (protocol described above) to prolong the protection of your floor.

For difficult stains or to remove old coats of metalliser, use Blanchon Overactivated Cleaner.

  • Carry out regular maintenance using a hoover, broom or woollen cloth.
  • Never wash your floor with water.
  • Do not use aggressive, abrasive, silicone or ammonia-based detergents.

By following these tips and performing regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your varnished parquet and maintain its elegant appearance. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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