The different surface aspects applied to parquet

Every wood is unique. At Design Parquet, our job is to bring out the natural originality of the wood, to offer you a unique and exclusive floor.

What is a surface aspect?

A surface aspect is an effect that is applied manually or mechanically to the floor. It can soften or enhance a natural feature of the wood, or simply work on the wood to create a specific effect.

The different surface aspects offered by Design Parquet

Design Parquet offers unique and custom-made products. There are raw products, to which you add the finishing you want. In this way, the parquet floor can be given a surface aspect that you like.
Before these effects can be applied, the parquet floor must be sanded, which is graded with different grits depending on the desired finish. These effects are of different kinds: brushed, beveled, structured, aged and sawn (light or strong).

• For a pleasant feel and contemporary look, you can choose a floor with a brushed finishing. This smooth appearance is achieved by using metal brushes to remove the soft parts of the wood. The final look is enhanced by the wood grain, and you will have a floor that is more resistant to knocks and scratches. If you are looking for authenticity and want to bring out the character of the wood, this is exactly the finish you need! Aspect de surface; parquet brossé
• The most common aspect of parquet flooring is the bevel. This is the small area that is created by cutting a bevel on the sharp edge of the floorboard. This operation makes it possible to highlight the boards of your parquet, and particularly emphasizes solid parquet. To be chosen to visually stretch your room, giving the impression that your floorboard is going through. Aspects de surface; chanfrein; chanfreins
Aspect de surface; parquet structuré • The structured effect is ideal for natural inspiration, with floorboards revealing surface knots. It is based on the same principle as the brushed finishing, but with an extra step: a movement of belts will structure the floorboard a little deeper and reveal all the natural roughness of the wood. The assurance of having a piece of nature under your feet.

• Looking for a rustic yet elegant style? A parquet floor with aged edges and facings is the right choice. By hand or mechanically, the parquet board will be lightly hammered on the bevel only, or on the bevel and the facing. Applied in an irregular way, this hammering will bring this aged, altered side which will make your parquet unique.
aspect de surface; VIEILLI-ARETES-et-PAREMENT
• The last aspect that is achieved in our workshops is the sawing effect. By working with belts, a more or less pronounced rough sawn look is applied to the floor. This gives the feeling that the wood has just been cut, for an enhanced authenticity effect. Aspect de surface sur parquet; sciage

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