Choosing the colour of your parquet

When it comes to design an interior space, parquet selection is not just about the texture and quality of the material, but also about the colour pallet that will dress your floor. Parquet shades such as white, grey, brown and natural offer a range of possibilities for changing the atmosphere and aesthetics of your room.

White parquet

White parquet, a symbol of purity and luminosity, floods the space with light. It visually enlarges rooms by reflecting light, creating an airy, modern ambience.

Grey Parquet

Grey parquet embodies subtle elegance and modern refinement. Grey parquet complements a variety of styles, whether industrial, urban or even a revisited classic interior.

Brown parquet

Brown parquet brings the warmth of nature into your home. Whether in a traditional, country or rustic setting, brown parquet creates a welcoming, timeless atmosphere.

Parquet Naturel

Natural parquet, by its very simplicity, celebrates the beauty of wood in its most authentic form. The natural shades of wood, whether light or dark, offer a timeless aesthetic. Natural parquet can be combined with a multitude of decorating styles, from minimalist to traditional.

In conclusion, each colour of parquet – white, grey, brown and natural – brings its own personality and distinct character to your space. Your choice will depend not only on your aesthetic preferences, but also on the style and ambience of your room.

Black Parquet

The deep shades of black parquet create a captivating ambience, bringing a touch of modern glamour to your home. Choosing black parquet means opting for a bold, timeless aesthetic that transforms every room into a chic, refined space.

What is a parquet floor ?

Parquet is a natural floor covering with a minimum wear layer of 2.5 mm. You won’t find two identical parquet strips, because each strip has its own characteristics (knot size, discolouration, sapwood, wood grain, colour variations, etc.).

UV oxidation

Wood is a natural material, and like all materials, wood develops a patina. When exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the parquet’s factory colour will change over time (generally, the parquet will darken). You can see this happening very quickly after the floor has been installed. The patina will be saturated after a few weeks in the sun, and will not and will not change. To observe this phenomenon, you can, for example, lift a carpet or move your sofa (or low furniture). Exotic woods develop more than oak, but all woods oxidise.

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