• ANTICO old oak beam light brown dark plugging black wormhole
  • ANTICO beam knot slot discoloration
  • Thumbnail of http://ANTICO%20old%20oak%20beam%20light%20brown%20dark%20plugging%20black%20wormhole
  • Thumbnail of http://ANTICO%20beam%20knot%20slot%20discoloration


Antico parquet is made from old oak beams.
It has its own particularities: colour variations from light to dark brown, worm holes, cracks, discolouration, wooden pieces for plugging the pegs, black plugging.
This manufacturing process allows Antico parquet to be both original and authentic.

  • Specie Oak
  • Origin Europe
  • Color Brown
  • Available installation patterns
  • point-de-Hongrie parquet chevron Chevron
  • French style (3 widths)
  • baton-rompu schéma Herringbone
  • Panels
  • Random lenghts strips
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