Versailles panel – 1800 x 1800 mm

As a manufacturer of parquet flooring, we are proud to present our made-to-measure panels Versailles in Oak 1800 x 1800 mm.

Made-to-measure Versailles panels

  • The engineered Versailles panels (Loft Pro) were custom-made to fit our customer’s space perfectly. Our expertise has enabled us to recreate the charm of an old Versailles panel with specific characteristics.
  • The thermally modified oak and varnish finish give the parquet a unique aged look that enhances the wood.
  • The light band saw marks finish combined with the distressed edges on both interior and exterior create an authentic look.
  • The light ageing impacts on the top layer add a distinctive patina, while the light brushing accentuates the texture of the wood.
  • Gaps between boards varies from 0.5 to 1.5 mm reflect our commitment and expertise in meeting bespoke requirements.

Panels Versailles – Oak – 1800 x 1800 mm


  • Support: Engineered (Loft Pro) on plywood support.
  • Section: 1800 x 1800 mm
  • Total thickness: 20 mm
  • Top layer: 4.5 mm
  • Finish: Expresso, Reinforced brown varnish, thermally modified.
  • Assembly : Tongue and Groove (T+G).
  • Appearance : Light band saw marks, distressed bevels (inside and outside), distressed on the top, brushed.
  • Gap between boards varies from 0,5mm to 1,5mm in panels

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