Different ways of laying parquet

Parquet can be laid in a variety of patterns, each with its own aesthetic and technical characteristics. Here are some popular patterns for laying parquet :

Random length strips

Random length strip parquet is made up of boards of the same width, but of different lengths, laid parallel to each otherThese varying lengths allow the floor to be laid with a lost-cut pattern, with staggered end joints between each row. 

French style (3 width)

OPERA aged light black marking clear lacquered blades

Chevron pattern

The strips of identical lengths and laid one against the other. Chevron strips are laid at an angle that can vary from 35° to 55°, depending on demand. 


A Herringbone parquet floor is a pattern made up of parquet strips of the same length, joined at 90°. Herringbone parquet offers elegant lines thanks to its regularity and aestheticism, for a chic effect in your interior. 

Ship deck

Laying parquet in a “ship’s deck” pattern is a specific technique that imitates the traditional style of laying wood on the decks of ships. This pattern is often used to create an elegant, timeless maritime feel. 

Pour aller plus loin

JASMIN character oiled band saw effect Design Parquet