• Navycol ps Eco flexible glue parquet

Navycol PS Eco

NAVYCOL PS ECO has been specially designed for the full-surface gluing of all types of solid parquet up to 130 mm wide (including overlaid parquet of all dimensions) or engineered parquet (It has good adhesion without primer on most common building substrates such as wood, CTBH, CTBX, concrete or anhydrite screed, adherent paint, tiles, terracotta, etc. It is also compatible with dry screed floorboards. It is also compatible with dry screed flooring (prefer small solid wood (≤90mm) or laminated flooring, due to the low cohesive nature of this substrate). It is easy to apply and is not aggressive to varnishes. NAVYCOL PS ECO remains flexible after curing and therefore improves the acoustic comfort of the floor. Because of its good resistance to moisture and heat, this adhesive is perfectly suited for laying parquet in difficult environments such as underfloor heating.

Packaging (unit): 18kg
Consumption : 1.2kg / m²
Pallet : 36 buckets

  • Specie NC
  • Category (ies) Glues
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